A range of battery powered LED lighting solutions for illuminating paper lanterns, parties, flowers and events.


Buttonlites (Button Lights)...

Buttonlites are small high power LED lights that provide the perfect solution for illuminating paper lanterns, flowers or to provide accent lighting at a wedding reception or event.

The entire range uses wide angle LED bulbs with diffuser caps to create a perfect even light distribution.

They are available in a wide range of colours (including WARM white) and each unit has a pull/push tab to enable users to switch the light on/off as many times as required.

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Egglites are high power LED lights which last for 40+ hours. They use 3x AA batteries (replaceable) and can be operated on full or ½ power brightness levels.

Egglites use 8x high power LED’s which have an extra wide disbursement angle and individual diffuser caps for optimum light coverage.

They can be used on a flat surface on their own or can be hung from the attached elastic hanger.

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